I believe dance is a fantastic form of expression and communication.  My experience through life has led me to believe that particularly children and adults who lack confidence can so benefit from the artistic medium of dance.

Not everybody is an academic or sports person.  I myself am much better at tap dancing than maths, but finally we are in an age where different forms of ability and different types of learning ability are now recognised. Thank goodness and about time.

I do feel being a parent myself, that children in this day and age are very vulnerable. We hold huge responsibility towards what we teach our children. We must take great care in their nurture by supporting them where ever possible to achieve their dreams in whatever area they wish to follow.

Dance is an incredibly hard art form and one of the most challenging industries out there.  I am not going to lead anyone down the garden path to believing they can achieve a professional performing career in the entertainment industry if I do not believe they have what it takes but I love to inspire people to dance, it’s been my life and is always my passion.

I feel there are two paths to take. That of the keen dancer who can give the commitment, dedication and discipline to go on to become a professional and that of the student who will go to do something completely different, but uses dance in order to find their voice.

Both journeys are completely acceptable and my main aim is to make sure that all students are mentored and taught with care, consideration and enthusiasm, in a positive, fun, challenging, hard working and safe environment.