Intermediates (11-13 yrs)

Intermediate Ballet and Jazz Classes are held in the Octagonal Hall or Drama Room on Wednesdays

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Intermediate Ballet 5.00 - 5.45pm

Intermediate Jazz / Street Dance 5.45 - 6.30pm

Cost £5.50 per class 45 minutes

Intermediate Tap is held in the Octagonal Hall or Drama Room on Fridays

Intermediate (Grade4/5) Tap  5.45 - 6.30pm

Cost £5.50 per class

All classes will incorporate technical training and development  followed by creative choreography.

In ballet we get the chance to use different types of music and therefore use different styles of dance but keep it within the classical bracket.

It gives us a chance to range from Brave heart to Titanic to Tchaikovsky to Contemporary.

This also applies with Tap which will range from Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald to Cole Porter. Mainly working around American style tap which is less structured than I.S.T.D and other syllabuses and works more on students maths ability, rhythm and style.

Jazz will incorporate all styles of jazz from street jazz / hip hop to theatre style.