Policies & Guidelines


It is very important that you view all the following policies.

In summary

  • I am a full equity member
  • I have public liability insurance cover for £10m with British Actors Equity Association
  • I am CRB checked
  • I have a performing rights licence
  • I am a qualified First Aider
  • I am a member of the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance)
  • I have a 3 year Diploma of performing arts from London Studio Centre
  • I have over 20 years experience within the dance profession

Although like most of us, I am no great fan of unnecessary bureaucracy, I feel it is important to think and plan ahead for situations where a certain amount of clarity may be helpful.

All policies must be viewed by M.O.D clients so you receive the necessary information for all Code of Conduct, Fees, Payments and Cancellation, Child Protection and Health and Safety.

Below you will find copies of key policies which you can download and review

Fees and Payments.

Cost per 1 hour session £6.50

Cost per 45 minute session £5.50

New clients can pay cash for 4 weeks and are then invoiced for the rest of term.  Invoices must be paid within 2 weeks from date of issued invoice, failure to do so will incur a late payment fee of £12.00.


If students wish to stop a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required.  Individual sessions missed through illness etc. will not be refunded.

Guidelines for all students and parents/carers.

My main aim for Ministry Of Dance is to make sure that all students are mentored and taught with care, consideration and enthusiasm, in a positive, fun, challenging, hard working and safe environment.

Obviously there are certain rules and regulations that we must all abide by in order to help the ship to sail as smoothly as possible.

I would ask that you read these guidelines - which you can download and print off here so that you have all the information you may need and that students, parents / cares understand the few rules I have in order to make sure I can focus on my primary aim.

Any problems please do not hesitate to contact me.

Registration and contact information

  • You must complete the online registration form before becoming a student of Ministry Of Dance.

  • Most importantly with home phone and mobile contacts (in case of emergency) e-mail and up to date address.

  • It is essential for me to record these details and you must tell me straight away - preferably by e-mail - if any contact details change -such as new mobile phone numbers and so on.

  • All details are confidential under the Data Protection Act.

Medical or Family issues

  • I need to know if a student has any specific medical conditions or special needs as their well being is paramount.

  • I need to know if there are any family / stressful situations that may be affecting a student so that due care can be taken.

  • Please record these confidential details in the appropriate place on the online registration form

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail or in person as these situations can sometimes be very delicate.


If you are unable to attend a class, I would be grateful if you could let me know either by e-mail (sophiew@ministryofdance.co.uk ) or by text to 07966 026239 or text Emma on 07913 105538 or email emma.east@talktalk.net
Please note I cannot usually answer my mobile during class so text or ring Emma if you cannot get hold of me
In the event that a student is not able to attend a class, no refunds can be made.

Policies and Procedures

Core policies and procedures can be found on the website www.ministryofdance.co.uk 
It is the responsibility of all students (where appropriate) and their parents / carers to access and study this information.
If you are not able to access the website, please let me know so that a hard copy version can be provided of the relevant material.

Dropping off and collecting

Many classes run back to back and it is therefore important that you help the smooth running of the classes by being punctual with arrival and pick up times.

Please could all parents/carers ensure that:

  • Students arrive dressed and ready to participate in class

  • Students arrive at the right time for their class

  • Students are picked up at the right time for the end of class

Please drop off and pick up from the main studio doors.

Once students leave the studio they are the responsibility of parents/carers
No supervision is provided outside the studio environment

In the event that a parent or carer is not present/late, children will wait with me in the studio until they are safety collected.

Changing Facilities and Waiting Area

There is a changing room in the foyer of the Assembly rooms which is also used as a waiting room.

Please bring the bare essentials only (I suggest warm over clothing for when leaving, outdoor shoes, hydration and snack and relevant dance kit only.)



Please encourage all students to use the toilet facilities before or after class as supervision cannot be provided for toilet breaks during class.
The toilets at Welland Park Academy are situated in the foyer of the Assembly Rooms and also if using the drama room just along the corridor to the side of the building.

Belongings and the Studio

Please avoid bringing excess baggage and belongings with you to class.

  • No valuables of any kind

  • No Jewellery or Watches ( to avoid injury)

  • No Trinkets or little things (they tend to get lost)

  • No Mobile Phones / I Pods (please do not bring into the studio)

All that is really needed is you, appropriate clothing and change of shoes for which ever genre you are attending.

The young students are invited to bring a Teddy bear with them to class which we use this to sing a little song before we go home.

No food or snacks are allowed in the dance studio

You may bring bottled water for hydration.

Please name all dance kit

Uniform / Hair

Please see below for some guidelines on uniform.  My recommended supplier is Boo Boo’s Dancewear Ltd in Kibworth (www.booboosdancewear.co.uk) 0116 279 3902 – Helen  at Boo Boo’s is very helpful and knows what Ministry of Dance guidelines are regarding kit, also Sam at Synergy in Market Harborough is familiar with our policies you can contact her on 01858 463175 but please feel free to use any dancewear shop you prefer.

Baby/Pre-Primary (Aged 3-5)

  • Loose comfortable clothing, preferably joggers, t-shirt and bare feet while beginning. 
    Favourite toy.

  • If you already have dance kit and ballet shoes then please bring them in what you already have.

  • If you wish to purchase dance kit I would like this age to wear pink.

  • A basic ballet leotard (sleeves or sleeveless will be fine)

  • Little pink skirt (either attached or separate)

  • Pink leather ballet shoes with elastic to attach over the arch of the foot

  • Ballet sock or white sock will be fine

  • Hair must be tied up, preferably in a bun or at least in a pony tail so it is out of the face and off the neck.

  • Do please ask for my help with shoes and hair if you need it.

  • Make sure with shoes that they fit similar to a slipper, the shoe must not pinch the foot or curl the toes and neither must they be like flippers.

Primary/Grade 1  (5-7yrs) / Grade 2 (8-10yrs) / Grade 3 (10+)

If these age groups take ballet and jazz together I suggest:

  • Pink tights with hole underneath foot (so they can role up to calve, change shoes for jazz and save time on changing different uniforms for different genres)

  • Black Leotard (any style you wish)

  • Black lycra shorts to go over ballet kit ready for jazz

  • Pink canvas ballet shoe with elastic to attach over arch of the foot.

  • Hair must NOT be worn down. Please tie up preferably in a bun for ballet but at least in a pony tail so it is off the face and neck.

  • Black Spilt sole jazz shoe (any style)

  • If attending jazz / tap you may wear whatever black dance kit you like but I must be able to see their bodies from a posture/ technique point of view

Intermediates (11 - 13 yrs) and Seniors (14+)

  • Same kit as above you have free artistic license to wear whatever you would like as long as it is black! for Jazz and for Ballet please wear black leotard with pink ballet tights, you can also wear black dance shorts over your ballet tights if you wish

  • But please always carry a dressing gown belt / trouser belt/ yoga band to use in ballet / jazz class for stretching hamstring muscles

  • Baggies may only be worn for warm up then removed so correct technique can be seen.

General Notes

Please Note:

You must name all dance kit as belongings constantly get lost and I cannot take responsibility for items if they are not named.

Do get advice from myself or your local dancewear supplier on correctly fitted ballet shoes

If you need help learning how to do a bun, please do speak to me.

  • You will need, hair band, hair pins, hair net.

  • Brush hair into pony tail at the centre back of the head slightly above the ear line.

  • Twist pony tail, then wrap pony tail around hair band area making a bun shape. Use hair pins (not grips) to secure bun to head. Place hair net over bun to add extra security. Hairspray to hold in place.

  • If a student has ‘bob’ length hair, then just a hair band would be great to hold hair out of face.

Behaviour and Class Conduct

  • On entering the studio I ask that all students behave in a mature and respectful manner.

  • Students must start warming up and stretching before class begins so they are ready mentally to start class

  • Students must learn to respect themselves and their fellow students. The principle being that we are here to learn to dance and work hard not have a mothers meeting.

  • Students need to learn to communicate and express through dance rather than their mouths.

  • Eyes and ears are incredible learning tools, especially in dance. They need to learn to listen with their ears and look with their eyes in order to pick up correct technique and every smallest detail in choreography.

  • Students also need to learn to watch their respective peers as so much can be learnt just through watching.

  • I really want students to feel they can approach me. Do not be afraid to speak to your teacher. We all learn and pick up at different speeds. It is never a problem to have to repeat something or re-teach a step, it is part of learning and part of learning to pick up steps correctly.

  • I do ask that during class time questions try to stay relatable to dance.


Warnings / Discipline Sanctions

  • It is very important to me that your children have fun through dance but you need to consider the commitment it can involve particularly when it comes to attendance, competitions, festivals and shows.

  • All require extra taxi services, time, money and rehearsals.

  • A certain level of behaviour and hard work comes with the discipline of learning to dance so certain codes of conduct need to be adhered to.

  • Generally I don’t like to shout. I do not believe this is the correct way to ‘enhance’ students self-believe and confidence and do feel this is quite an old fashioned way of teaching.

  • Of course sometimes this may be necessary.

  • If a student’s behaviour is causing me concern I work on a 3 warning system.

  • They are warned once, then if they don’t settle, they are then warned twice and if they cannot adhere to what I am asking then they will be given a third warning and asked to sit out and watch until I feel they are ready to join in again

  • If there was a serious behaviour problem then I would wish to discuss this personally between ourselves as to what best suits the particular individual. They may have to be excluded until we can come to an agreement.

  • Unacceptable behaviour involves lack of respect, messing about, not listening, not concentrating or distraction of fellow pupils.

  • This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated and can be tiresome and disappointing

  • Everyone needs to work together to make a constructive, happy, positive atmosphere.