Seniors (14-19 yrs)

Classes for this age group are Ballet, Tap and Jazz

Senior Tap is held in the Octagonal Hall on Fridays

Senior Tap 5.45-6.30 pm

Cost £5.50 per class for 45 minutes

Senior Ballet and Jazz is held in the Assembly Rooms on Saturdays

Senior Ballet 3.30 - 4.30pm

Senior Jazz / Street Dance 4.30 - 5.30pm

Cost £6.50 per class for 1 hour

All classes for this age group become more disciplined and more open in style as by now it is very necessary to up their training opportunities especially if they are contemplating a career in this industry.

As with all other age groups the first 30 mins is given over to essential technical training and the later is given over to creative choreography.

Classes for this age will work along a similar route to that of professional colleges where most classes follow an open class style.

This means that any type of choreography, steps, and styles will be constantly thrown at the students to see how quickly they can pick up this choreography therefore prepare them for auditions.

Students will also do a lot of strengthening and stretching work as this is so necessary to make them the best dancer they can be.

I also wish to pass choreography opportunities over to this age group so I may ask a keen and up and coming student choreographer to assist me within other classes with other age groups.

I am also keen to give opportunity to senior students to get involved in teaching and if I spot a student who seems to have a keen interest or natural ability with younger children I may look to take on this person as an assistant teacher.