This is what I would like to do and what I would like to achieve with Ministry of Dance:

  • I would like Ministry of Dance to be a strong training ground where I can offer students mentoring and support to fulfill their potential to whatever level is right for them;
  • I would like to hold ‘Live Demonstration Classes’ where essentially students perform their class work live on stage in front of an audience of family and friends;
  • Performing is important and festivals are a great way to gain performing experience, so I want to offer that possibility – especially in the summer months;
  • On the back of the festival experience I want to build an annual showcase giving all students a chance to perform their work – whether they participate in festivals or not;
  • I also want to broaden my students' horizons wherever I can by encouraging them to go on courses, see shows, get involved in performing and find ways to work with different teachers, styles, formats and choreography.